Mother’s day flower arrangement


Mothers day flowers are so expensive and lets face it usually super cheesy. Hot pink roses over flowing with fern like greenery and babies breath are so….1980’s and I am just not willing to spend 20+ bucks for something like that. What people do not realize is throwing together an arrangement is so easy, and cheap PLUS its far more heartfelt.

I made 3 arrangements with flowers all bought from Trader Joes, these little lovelies cost me a total of 20 dollars and that made me three arrangements! So spare yourselves this year, run over to Trader Joes buy a couple flowers that spark your fancy and there you have it! Enjoy xoxo


First you need to choose which flowers you want to use. I wanted something fresh and springy so I chose yellow and pink tones.


The shape of the vase or container you choose, determines the kind and shape of arrangement you can make, so take your pick!


My first arrangement followed the theme of yellow hues.


I began by bunching together and trimming down the tulips. Next I added the taller flowers behind the tulips.


I added daisies in between and in front of the tulips. Once the flowers were evenly distributed I secured them with a rubber-band.


Hold up the arrangement to vase and cut accordingly.


Yay, easy as that!


I loosely threw together some daisies and roses, a lethally gorgeous combination.


So Easy! I followed the same trimming and rubber band steps.Image



This arrangement is so simple but looks fancy, I began by throwing together these different flowers and different lengths in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Make sure no side is heavier than another, meaning make sure each side has an equal amount of length, flower mass etc. Once you are pleased tie with a rubber band.


Trim according to the vase size. Place the arrangement and pull outward spreading the flowers apart, again add flowers were it feels imbalanced.




3 different arrangements all beautiful, all easy, and all on a budget !


8 thoughts on “Mother’s day flower arrangement

  1. What a great post! Love what you did…and the vases are terrific. I’m crazy for flowers and often do the same thing — make a bunch of arrangements from a big pile of flowers from our local florist. So fun.

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