Mother’s day breakfast in bed


Breakfast in bed is special, reserved exclusively for certain occasions. If it wasn’t special we’d probably do it everyday.

Whenever I stay with my parents on the weekends I usually wake up to the smell of my Pop cooking a massive breakfast, whether its pancakes or hash browns I without fail ALWAYS have the internal battle of which sounds better more sleep, or stuffing my face? I’m so gross even when I’m verging death still asleep food always wins because I suffer from FOMOOF (fear of missing out on food) that’s another story. The point is, there is a reason I don’t just eat the breakfast in my bed, if I did it wouldn’t be a special occasion. Mother’s Day warrants a good old fashioned breakfast in bed.

Wake up and make your mom a classic scone  recipe here ( some fresh squeezed orange juice, COFFEE(especially for my mom….addict) throw a few daisies on the tray and waaaaaa LA! Scones and Berries are delicate and light, you don’t want to serve an overwhelming heavy breakfast, save that for dinner or lunch.

It is the making of a simply fabulous day! Enjoy the gallery of inspiration.


My Mom loves dishes so its fun to pull out an eclectic collection of dishes, this is a special occasion so do something out of the ordinary.


Coffee, COFFEEE and coffee. Nothing like fresh cup of hot coffee RIGHT when you wake up.



These scones are delicious with fresh berries, I chose blueberries.


My Mom LOVES pink so here is another simpler take on the breakfast tray.


Sweet peas and baby roses complete the look.


Bless your Mama this Mothers Day, what are your Mothers Day plans?


2 thoughts on “Mother’s day breakfast in bed

  1. im obsessed with all your dishes.i love the pink .Do you plan special occasions?my sisters getting married next june and shes been researching planners and i know she love your style.

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