Lime Salt French Fries


I love lime, I love salt and I love french fries, so this is a good situation here. Making fries at home is so easy, and always make for a special night because they are oh so…..carby. The lime salt takes the french fry experience from a 10 to a 11. (Thanks Jason Diamond)

I sprinkled some rosemary on top, It was a good decision. Enjoy!

You will need:

For the salt:

1 lime

2 Tablespoons of kosher salt

For the Fries:

1, 5lb bag of russet potatoes washed and peeled

1 small pan filled half way with canola oil

1 paper bag

The lime salt:



Squeeze one whole lime into the kosher salt and mix it up. Let it sit while your frying up the potatoes.

The Potatoes:


Wash and peel your potatoes, this makes A LOT of fries. Although if your anything like me you don’t eat fries one at a time, its more like a handful at a time. So do what you like. 5 lb bag worked for me.


I have a french fry maker, yay! If you do not you can cut by hand, tedious, but not impossible.


Have your potatoes all ready to go. Start heating your oil at this point


Put two layers of paper bag on top of a plate. When your done frying the potatoes put them on this. Trust me here, there will be lots of grease flying around and this will absorb it.


When the oil is hot enough it should sizzle and pop like this ^ toss a small amount of fries in! It will be tempting to put a lot in at once, but if you do the fries wont be golden they will stay white and lack the crunch. So suck it up and do about a handful at a time.


Once golden like this, toss on the brown paper bag and sprinkle with a little lime salt.


MMMM toss them around make sure they are salty enough. I got super excited about the lime salt and went balls out tossing it all in. They were preeeettttty dang salty, I’d chill out a little next time. I must say they were to good to spoil with ketchup, but to each their own!


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