Summer means lots of things. One being, it is finally time to eat outdoors. This is the season that you gather up your friends and loved ones and feast under the soft sunshine. Embracing the breeze, taking advantage of the longer days and eating simpler meals consisting of fresh produce.

Today was my ideal day, it involved close to everything I love. It started with Starbucks and antiquing with my Mom. I found some vintage cookbooks from the 1940’s not only were they aesthetically pleasing, but filled with wonderful recipes and old notes from the original owners. I came home and made dough for a tomato galette. My boy came over and surprised me with an abundance of peonies and baby roses, the key to my heart. 5 o’clock rolled around and we headed to Los Arroyos a Mexican restaurant to get massive burritos filled with pico de gallo. We ate them at butterfly beach and watched dolphins jump and the sun set. This is the second day in a row we chose to eat under the sun.

I came home to finish my galette and relax at home, I have a new Bon Appetit magazine I plan to read while watching some Law and Order SUV.

Today was wonderful, filled with simple things that make my heart very happy! How come simple things seem so much sweeter in the Summer?





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