DIY Succulent Center Piece!


I am hosting a dinner party soon to welcome the coming of fall and I wanted to create a center piece that was different, unexpected and a total statement. I knew I wanted it to involve succulents even though I have always been intimidated by succulents because I know so little about them. Then something magical happened. I was invited to the most amazing succulent and cactus farm! My boyfriend’s father, Rob happens to be the total succulent guru which is amazing and totally helpful to my craft cause! When I told him that I wanted to create a frame of succulents and he was up for the challenge. This particular piece is extra special because it’s not limited to your table, but it can also be hung! I have seen these hung by front doors or in back yards. They are really so versatile! The beauty of this piece will last a LONG time with the proper care. I must admit, this does take some time but the end result is so beautiful that it’s totally worth it! Continue reading for the steps in creating this succulent beauty!



You will need:

Sphagnum Moss


granular balanced fertilizer

frame from plant store

succulents, amount may vary on how big of a frame you get

fishing line

corn husks

First let me brief you on a few things and terms I will be using!

When making this frame you will be using both cuttings and potted plants. Cuttings are simply pieces cut off a succulent. Now if your anything like me, the thought of cutting up such a beautiful plant seems almost to hard to do, but do not fret! Rob informed me that once you cut a piece off a succulent it will grow back quickly and even more abundantly!

When you are going to cut, cut your pieces about 4-5 inches long. If you know you want to make this frame it is best to cut a few days in advance! Allowing the pieces to sit will result in the cuttings callusing. If you are anything like me you don’t have the patience to wait, do not worry this is not necessary but is helpful!


Pictured are my cuttings of choice!


My potted plants of choice! Ok lets get to work!


The first step is to gather all of your moss, I used about two squares of it from my local hardware store!


I put all the moss in a regular cooler  and filled it with hose water. Really let the moss soak up the water! Now fill the bottom of the wire frame with corn husks! If you don’t have corn husk you can use burlap, chicken wire, even news paper would work! Or if you have none of these items you actually don’t really need to put down anything it will still work!


Fill the bottom of the frame with a substantial amount of the moss, enough so it feels sturdy.


Once you have filled with moss, top the moss a good amount of soil. I also sprinkled some granular balanced fertilizer throughout!

Now it is time for your potted plants. When you remove the potted plants from their packaging do not worry that they appear too big! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make them fit in the frame.


Place your potted plants in the frame. and pack them in!  Once the plants are packed in, top the soil with another layer of moss, covering all the dirt.


Now you will need your fishing line. Tie the line to one of the parts of the frame and begin to wrap around the frame strategically, obviously avoiding the plants. Wrap closely to make sure its secure!


Now is time for the cuttings! To create holes for the cuttings, poke through the moss and soil with a pencil. Where you have made a hole stick the succulent cutting. Clear the bottom of the cutting to stick it in.


Another thing not to worry about! When you clear off the bottom of a succulent you can save the broken parts. If you take the petals of the broken succulent and put the bottom slightly in loose soil a new plant will grow! Its magical and by doing cuttings you will virtually not loose any of your plants you will actually gain them if you take the time to plant them!


Once you feel the frame is full to your liking you are done! How beautiful does it look? Are you as obsessed with yours as I am with mine!? I am going to get some white candles varying in size and cluster in the middle. How gorgeous will that look?

Now for the maintenance! Wait until the next day and then water this bad-boy. Take it to your lawn and pretty much drench it. Be careful though not to direct the hose at it too hard, as some of the succulents are very fragile! Wait until it dries out completely to water it again. Easy as that!


Here are some more pictures of Rob’s beautiful succulent and cactus sanctuary!



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