The Curious Guide to Inspiration


Everyone has reached a point in their lives where it seems their creativity well has gone dry. Sometimes I know that I want to create something lovely and new but I just cant seem to translate this pent up creativity into real life. I find creativity comes from observing the obscure details the real world has to offer. I will be starting a series titled, “The Curious Guide to Inspiration.” This series will teach you how to be inspired by little details that would otherwise be overlooked. Today I found myself attracted to the different signs in Los Angeles. They are all so different, each obtaining different qualities that make them appealing. I thought that the style of the signs I love could translate inspiration into the home! I have tried to challenge myself to look at things as shape and color, which in return has given me so many ideas and countless inspirations for the future! Silly, maybe, but everyone finds their creativity in different ways. Give it a try, you might be surprised! Continue reading!


1st look

1st look 2

I love the neon colors and odd shapes of this sign. It reminded me of these funky plates I have always coveted at Anthropology. I love statement kitchenware, it adds life and excitement to any home. If you are afraid of being bold in other parts of your home, opt to do it in your kitchen because you can always put away the edgier pieces in your cabinet.


2nd look 2

The address on this apartment building is super funky. It reminded me of how much I love mid-century modern furniture paired with bright, unexpected colors and textures, such as this fun lamp topper.  Throwback shapes such as this credenza adds character to a room regardless of your chosen style.

DSC_0399 2


Although this sign is so simple, I found it very appealing. Same goes for interior design, less can often be more! Opt for sleek simple pieces, which leaves room for those fun pops of color and texture! Always keep flowers around, no need to be fancy. Basic florals bring that element of life every room needs.


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