Manicure Time!


I used to get gel nails religiously until I paid the consequences – which included weak, peeling nails, and spending an extra 35 bucks every two weeks. I finally decided enough was enough! By dropping the gel nails from my routine I have gotten much better at doing my own nails! The trick to a perfect manicure really is 3 simple strokes! Happy nail painting, friends!

Continue reading for the steps.

What you will need:

Essie’s “Carry On”

L’oreal “Dry & Go”

Paint Brush

Acetone nail polish remover



Apply a good amount straight down the middle



Do not dip your brush for more polish, just drag out the polish from the  middle line starting at the bottom working your way to the top.


Repeat these steps on the rest of your nails! Add a second coat if needed!


There ya go!


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