Life is all about the details, and finding joy in the ordinary.


As I have gotten older, I have realized that life really is about the details. As work schedules change, financial situations fluctuate, friendships fade and grow, it is so important to have things in your life that make you happy. They do not have to be grand or expensive, they do not need to important or intellectually stimulating, they just need to make you feel good. When life gets fast and I find myself having less and less time, I realize that I find silly amounts of joy in little familiar treats and rituals. If I have a long day of work, getting my morning coffee gives me a burst of excitement I so long for and something as silly as buying a bouquet of flowers can really be life changing! It is such simple things that make life good. It almost reminds me of a mental blanket; whenever things feel out of control or rough these little details can give you the warmth and comfort you need! Might be silly, but I am finding as I grow how true all this really is! A good life is made up out of amazing details. If you neglect such things, the quality of life can descend. I thought of a few simple things I feel are non-negotiable. They may be trivial, but they add sweetness and joy to my life. What details make your life sweet? Let me know!


1. Perfume. Dumb? Maybe to some, but not to me. Smelling sweet is so important and always makes me feel more confident and happy throughout my day! There is something I love so much about having a signature scent. Stella by Stella McCartney happens to be my favorite smell.

2. Vanilla lattes are a part of almost every morning in my life. I am all about routine, as my days change and surroundings become new, I love the familiarity and jolt of energy I can look forward to each morning.

3. Having beautiful candles that smell sweet really can change the ambiance of any home. I love simple white candles – I will keep nothing else. Something about white candles varying in size add that extra drama and mood that make each night feel special and cozy.

4. Fresh white sheets are everything to me. Nothing feels better than getting into a crisp, all-white bed after a long day. Even though I do love flannel sheets come winter time, I only use white sheets.

5. PEONIES! Peonies only come around once a year but when they do I am filled with extra, life-long excitement. These are my absolute favorite flowers and they seem to make everything sweeter. If not peonies, I love white roses and they are always around!

6. The ability to travel is such a freeing thought for me. Even if I am not financially able to travel, always the idea that I could pick up and be in a completely new place gives me hope and excitement for the future. One of my favorite past times is planning dream vacations and finding hotels and plane prices. It may sound funny, but It really is such a freeing notion!

7. Finally, BUBBLE BATHS! I love a bath, they always feel so special and never cease to leave me feeling relaxed!


7 thoughts on “Life is all about the details, and finding joy in the ordinary.

  1. It really is that the small things are significant in our lives. I love beautiful lipsticks, tea and hot chocolate, gingerbread, the smell of books, daisies are the flowers I like most, or lilacs and magnolia. And bubble baths of course, especially in winter! I love them too 🙂 But for me, travelling is something big. Since I don’t have money all the time, it is quite hard for me to organize longer trips that are also far away.

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