5 simple ways to make your house cozier for fall.


I embrace holidays completely. I LOVE to decorate, it just makes life that much more exciting when you feel like you are celebrating. However, after Halloween feels like a waiting period, because Im just dying to get to Christmas! I do love Thanksgiving and this cozy time of year. I like to make the house feel cozier and festive for this chilly season in small ways that do not really require holiday specific decorations.


I think that every single home needs to have flowers at all times. I view flowers as the life in a room. Have you ever seen a living space with no life? When you think about this concept, it totally makes sense. A big room filled with furniture and no life just looks like it’s missing something. A simple bouquet is all you need to give your space more depth and personality. I love the idea of holiday-appropriate flowers without being completely cheesy. Here are some fall appropriate arrangements that will bring the perfect amount of drama that fall requires.


I love the drama that fall brings in all ways, like burgundy lips and dark colors and contrasts. I love love love dahlias for fall floral arrangements; they come in a gorgeous dark burgundy hue that just makes me quiver with excitement! Sloppy wide arrangements with dark dahlias add drama and endearment. I am currently loving adding vegetables because it adds a sort of heartiness that I think matches what fall represents. How gorgeous are these deep purple artichokes!?


How beautiful and dramatic are these!?


Fall is about feeling cozy. I am the biggest believer that lighting is everything. To be honest, lighting completely changes my moods in a way you could not understand. If I am in a overly, brightly lit room I feel uncomfortable and I just cannot relax. However, when a room is properly lit I feel relaxed and comfortable. Candles add extra sparkle and ambiance to a room that makes a chilly night feel special.



Textured throws and cozy blankets make your space more welcoming. On cold fall lights, cozy blankets are the perfect touch to make things feel more intimate.


This one may seem silly but fall is all about intimacy. And like I said before, living spaces need life. Having some sort of greenery in your home makes for a cozier setting and filling that empty corner with life makes such a change you would not believe.


This comes with a rule though: you need to find an indoor plant that matches the flow and style of your home. I am obsessed with the indoor olive trees, they are just gorgeous.


Finally, always keep a fresh baked treat around during the holidays. Their is nothing better than the smell of fresh baked goods out of the oven. Not only is this hospitable for guests, it makes things feel more special and festive!


What do you do in your home to make things feel cozier around the colder holidays?


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