A Thanksgiving Table Scape


I love love LOVE setting tables. It is one of my favorite hobbies! I love the challenge of creating something aesthetically pleasing and functional (well, sometimes functional). I created this table scape which I absolutely love and I only wish the photos could capture the magic that is my dining room right now! The stacking, layering, and combination of rustic and glam is so much fun; it is simple, yet complex. Instead of classic name tags, I made mini pumpkin pies with my guests’ initials on top. I plan on testing out a few other table scape ideas, including traditional and modern! How will you decorate your Thanksgiving table? Read more for details on this look!



I started by stacking cake platters down the center of my table all at varying heights.


With no specific design I added pumpkins in grey and weight. I leaned the large white pumpkin against the platters to add interest but also more room for plates! How beautiful is this grey pumpkin!?


When adding votives cluster them in 1’s, 2’s or 3’s, this makes them appear purposeful.


The votive philosophy also applies to the florals! Add white roses using a variety of sizes of clear vases. I stacked a small vase on one of the cake platters, paired a single rose with a single candle votive and purposefully yet randomly placed the flowers till a flow was created.


I love how these plates add a classical vintage element to the table yet they are modern in their simplicity.


I added these orange plates for a fun pop of classical fall color.


I used classically shaped crystal cups to add sparkle and interest but not clutter.


I made mini pumpkin pies with initials as place settings. Not only are these sweet and tasty they are adorable!


I used the remaining mini pumpkin pies as decoration! I stacked them on the cake platters. I know my knife blade is facing the wrong way! It is making me cringe but what can you do!


Add your silver ware! I did not use napkins because with a messy meal like Thanksgiving dinner you do not wanna stain them! Save your linens and just use paper towels, of course do not include those in the setting! Enjoy!





Here is a simple diagram of the proper way to set your table!


6 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Table Scape

  1. Very lovely. I too love setting a gorgeous table! You have a great eye and classy taste in props. 🙂 I always love to take a walk in the woods Thanksgiving morning and bring home some lovely things for the table. I had to smile at your knife blade comment!

  2. I love to decorate tables, too. Yours looks beautiful! I like the grey and white and amber color scheme. So unusual and pretty with the barn wood. Thanks for showing it to us.

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