Skin essentials! Discount code included yay!


I suffered from acne the majority of my life and tried almost every solution the world has to offer. Now in my early 20’s, freed from the agony of acne, I have learned a lot about healthy skin throughout my battle. Though not known by many, the answers to good health are painfully clear. Here are a few things I have come to know as true.

 1.We must eat what our bodies are created to eat ! By eating processed foods with processed ingredients we are essentially dosing ourselves with poison. Eating unhealthy does not simply result in gaining weight like our society teaches us but eating unhealthy effects the entire body from the outside in. Diet alone is the most effective medicine and I have witnessed this first hand. Can you image how your skin would glow if you treated your body by eating vegetables which contain CRUCIAL vitamins and nutrients every day? What you put into your body shows on the outside. If you give your self the nutrients you need in your diet your general health will be transformed, skin included!

 2.Drink Water! It is so easy to drown in our lattes, sodas and juices and place water on the back burner. But water is so important. It completely flushes out our bodies! Ever wonder why you pee so much after drinking water? It’s a good thing! It this means unnecessary toxins are being removed from inside your body. When you are drinking water you are flushing yourself out and hydrating your self which is 100% beneficial for your skin.

3.A Daily Routine! It is so crucial to be consistent in your skin care routine! Use the same face wash and moisturizer in the morning and night religiously. This is true with anything, when you are consistent and dedicated you will see results. You are being kind to your skin when you are consistent!

 Essentially, your skin is directly linked to and a reflection of a healthy lifestyle. I was introduced to the most amazing skin care line, Valia. It completely embodies this notion. If you think about it, why would you feel comfortable putting chemicals on your face? After all, aren’t you putting products on your face with the hopes of rejuvenating, healing and preserving your skin? Call me crazy, but chemicals do not sound like the solution! I was blessed enough to find this company, and let me tell you, I believe in them! Valia focuses on holistic healing, which I am a firm advocate and believer in. Valia is made ONLY from natural ingredients that heal the skin. The face wash leaves your face feeling completely refreshed and smells unbelievable and the moisturizer does just that moisturizes! I feel like I am doing my body a favor when I wash and moisturize using these products. Using the Essential Set for over a month has changed my skin and I can say with confidence I could never go back to using generic brands, it would simply feel wrong. Valia is a beauty regimen essential. This if for both ladies and men! You cannot skimp out on your skin care routine, for it is the foundation for your beauty! Valia was so generous, as usual, to offer a 20% discount to all my readers! Do not miss out, it will only last till December! The essential kit is a perfect Christmas gift as their packaging is ridiculously cute! When ordering today use code “MERCEDEZ1105” !




1. Yuzu Hydrating Cream: Found here!

2. Purifying Wash: Found here!

3. Bloom: Found here!



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