DIY Thanksgiving & Christmas Centerpiece


If you are anything like me you probably plan on decorating for Christmas the minute your Thanksgiving guests leave. If this is the case – you probably do not want to spend money of flowers in colors that are only really good for Thanksgiving themed decorations. To solve this dilemma I bring you the perfect seasonally neutral arrangement. This centerpiece is perfect for Thanksgiving but will also blend perfectly with your Christmas decorations once Thanksgiving is over! Watch the video for the simple steps to achieve this beautiful centerpiece!

Behind me you can see some of my beautiful milk collection all of which will be available to rent soon!

You will need:

-Flowers, I used hydrangeas, burgundy lilies, passion fruits, greenery, and burgundy daisy type flowers.


-Large vase

As you can see I mess around with the placement of my flowers and greenery a lot! Do not feel like you have to get it right the first time. Mess around with the flowers until the arrangement is how you want it! I opted for an asymmetrical look this time, Imperfection was my goal!


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