God’s Gift to Earth Grilled Cheese


Grilled Cheese has always been one of my splurge foods; there’s not much better than some good old cheddar melted on quality bread. Since a young age, I have been eating this exact sandwhich. It is out-of-this-galaxy good, or as the title would explain, IT IS God’s gift to cheese lovers of the universe. Avocado, thinly sliced red onion, a big old heirloom tomato, some whole grain dijon for added crunch, and two of my favorite cheeses – cheddar and provolone – all wrapped into one. I have just described perfection. Go big or go home, if you’re splurging on a grilled cheese, it might as well be this one!


You will need:

Good bread, I used this weird english muffin bread and it rocked my world.

Dijon mustard, I prefer the whole grain stuff

Red onion thinly sliced

Heirloom tomato


Cheddar Cheese

Provolone Cheese



First butter your bread! Image

Put the bread in a hot pan or griddle. On each slice of bread put one piece of cheddar and one piece of provolone. Image

Once the cheese is melting a bit add the onion! Image

Next add your tomato, I used two slices because I am super down with heirloom tomatoes like that. Image

Put the bread on top.Image

Burn baby burn…I like mine a little crispy. Cook on medium heat till cheese are melting. The key to a perfect grilled cheese is, long and slow and low heat, this way everything is cooked to perfection!Image

Add that glorious avocado. Image

Smear the dijon on nice and good. ImageNow, assemble the forces. There ya have it friends, provolone and cheddar combined to make one heavenly sandwich!


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