Christmas Wreath



Christmas just would not be complete without a wreath on your door! If you are anything like me you would rather spend money on gifts than a ridiculously over priced wreath! My Mom has made her wreaths as long as I can remember so I decided to carry on the tradition and share it with you guys! This wreath was completely free, and I think more beautiful and unique than anything you could buy at a tree lot!

p.s. I took beautiful step-by-step photos only to realize at the end that my memory card was not even in my camera! I am trying not to cry.


You will need:

Tree branches that are Christmas like


Floral tape


Twig wreath base



(Here is a pic I snapped with my phone before I began, that is the twig wreath base I will be talking about!)

1. Start with your biggest leave base. I used the pine as my base because it was out of control and less aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Stick the branches of the pine into the grooves of the twig wreath. You may need to secure some with floral tape. 

3. Make sure that the entire wreath base is covered. You will have to mess around with placement until it looks just right!

4. I loved the flexibility of this eucalyptus. I simple stuck it into the holes of the base of the wreath and covered the pine. I tied it with floral tape where necessary. 

5. Lastly stick in the berries around the wreath, also finding grooves to stick the berries into. 

6. Hang your wreath on your door and see how the branches are lying. Some places will not be perfect, so cut, snip, and remove as needed! Your wreath now looks beautiful – top it of with a big bow on the top or bottom! Image


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