Living Your Passions


Having a job that makes money but having a passion that lies somewhere else can be really hard. Working ridiculous hours often leaves little time for pretty much EVERYTHING. I do not see people anymore, sleep is a thing of the past, eating dinner NEVER happens, but most of all, I NEVER have time! Time, what a beautiful thing, something I cringe about reflecting on my past and how much stinking time I used to waste! Now 3 hours of freedom seems miraculous! You might see all my posts and think I mosey around the kitchen, slowly sipping, stirring and smelling oh so delicately. WRONG. My recipes, pictures, and everything are done in an insane time crunch! I have realized though if I do not take time to do what I love, my days seem empty and lacking in stimulation and purpose!  

Since I have began working so hard I have realized something: life is way to short not to chase your passions. Work does not have to be a time consuming black hole; create work where your passions lie and you will have a life of fulfillment! Since working a passionless job my true passions have become so clear to me. I love to bake for people, I love to collect vintage dishes, I LOVE floral arranging, taking pictures, editing pictures and website design ( all of which I get to do on my blog)! With every free hour I have, I am utilizing it to the fullest, making sure I am doing at least one of these. Today I got the honor of setting up a women’s luncheon! Doing a ‘job’ that I loved did not feel like a JOB, it felt like a dream! I cannot wait to do more events and have more opportunities to create beautiful memories and parties for people! Here are a few snaps from a simple women’s luncheon. All the dishes are mine and will soon be available to rent! I am putting my dish love to use and am in the process of launching a vintage dish rental business! Soon you can rent all my beautiful dishes for your special day! ImageImageImage




3 thoughts on “Living Your Passions

  1. One day I’ll make it to that point! For now, I try squeeze every second of my weekends and nightly 3 hours into time for my passions, like baking, cooking, reading, yoga, recipe browsing, pampering and relaxation, etc…. I can relate so much to this post 🙂

    If only we had more hours in the day, right?

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