Christmas Mantle!


Want to hear a truly funny story? Ok let me tell you.

We have a giant jar of sugar in our pantry, it’s pretty huge…..

My 8 year old sister, Savannah, is a gift from God. She maintains an unknowing innocence and joy that much of the world will never know. Her middle name is Joy and that could not be more perfect for her; she truly embodies that word and definition in her being. Like I said she is innocent, and this blissful spirit she has makes for some pretty funny happenings in the house.

Ok back to the sugar. You know when the house gets eerily quiet and you get freaked out because the silence is just not normal? Mom’s with small kids you totally get this. Well on one afternoon the house was a little too silent for comfort. My mom popped up to find our ENTIRE – and when I say ENTIRE I am not exaggerating in the slightest – house covered in sugar, ever single tabletop, corner, bed spread, toilet seat, everything covered in sugar. My Mother, literally like in the movies, threw her hands up in the air asked “WHY ON EARTH?!” Savannah smirked and tossed her hands toward the ground and said, “Whattt it’s pretty it makes our house sparkle!”

At the time this was infuriating, in hindsight it makes me smile so much. Savannah’s blissful, joyful spirit brings joy to my life; she is love. 

Ok what does this have to do with our mantle? Well in order to make this mantle Savannah literally got to cover our entire living room floor in actual glitter – total heaven for a girl with a love for sparkle! This mantle is whimsical, sparkly, and pretty much cost me nothing to put together! What’s not to love!? Click to see more and steps on making a truly gorgeous statement piece of a mantle. 


I was not lying about the glitter everywhere…..Glittery party wooo! Girl Heaven! 



Start by completely clearing off your mantle. Building up from a clean slate helps your eye to see and think more clearly! Image


Begin with your greenery as a base, in my case whitery? Not a word, I know. Image


Add your focal point in the center of the mantle, in this case I am using a large white floral arrangement! Yes I recycled this from yesterdays event, love it!



Begin adding small candles to add sparkle and interest. I absolutely LOVE my mercury glass. I think it looks beautiful with most colors and looks even looks great with gold! Vary in lengths, add votives, and long candle sticks.Image



Add some Christmas lights for sparkle! Of course make sure that the string is the color of whatever garland you use. Image

Ok, now for the snowflakes! Use white, gold and silver glitter to add some sparkle to the otherwise boring white paper! Member how I said we covered the floor in glitter, once again, I wasn’t kidding! Not sure how to make a snowflake, watch this silly little video of my other sister Genevieve making one! 


Hang them in varying lengths using fishing wire. Image

Ahh so blissful, beautiful and FREE! Image

Truly pure magic! 


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