The Heirloom Table


Today is the most exciting day of my life because dreams are coming true!

When people ask me what my hobbies are, I always say, I love everything pretty. What does that even mean!? Well, I have a deep, undying passion for making things beautiful. These things consist of: beautiful homes, parties, ambiances, dinners, outfits, vacations, and memories! My brain is so detailed oriented. For example, when I confirmed I was going to travel abroad this summer, the very first thing I thought about was how I wanted to feel abroad. I envisioned the perfect cafe, how I wanted it to look, what kind of area I wanted to be in, and then spent several hours on the internet looking for that exact place to ensure I would manifest those thoughts into reality! When I hear I have an event to go to, I immediately wonder how I will do my hair and what shoes I will need. When I think of my dream home, I imagine the dishes that will go into my cabinets and the color of each rooms walls. You get the point – I have a passion for creating beautiful environments that make people feel loved, safe and happy! Naturally being hostess is my favorite past time, however I cannot do this as often as I would like, which is pretty much everyday in a dream world. I realize not everyone shares a passion for details, so I have finally found a way to live my dream by bringing the beauty and my detailed way of thinking to you! I created The Heirloom Table. The Heirloom Table is a dish rental and flower arrangement company. No matter the type of event -from weddings to baby showers – we provide the most beautiful, unique dishes and flowers for your special day. I am so incredibly excited to share my passion and collections with all of you! Check out  our website and book a consultation today! http://www.theheirloomtable.comImageImage




2 thoughts on “The Heirloom Table

  1. Congratz! I’m addicted to all things pretty, too, and I found your blog very soothing for the soul and for the eyes 🙂 Gorgeous blog & you have an amazing eye for beautiful things (in pink)! I’ll be following you around x


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