Disney Day


This week/ month/ last few months have been draining to put it lightly. This level of drainage has forced me to neglect my favorite thing in this universe, my blog! I am swearing to myself that I will get back on track, to baking and photographing and sharing all my favorite recipes and tricks! I wanted to show everyone what I have been up to, here are a few snaps I took with my iPhone yesterday!

ImageThe day started with a stroll through the Brentwood Country Mart. I stumbled across a tree covered in macarons. How sweet – quite literally! Image

We then moved onto the best coffee in the universe – and I am not exaggerating. They shake the coffee in a cocktail shaker, which makes the drink somehow colder and more amazing than you cold imagine! If you are in the L.A. area, I would strongly recommend you give Cafe Luxxe a try! ImageAfter shopping around we passed this grilled cheese truck and decided to give it a try! Today was out of control in the food department, but hey, who really cares? NOT ME, apparently. Image

Here was my masterpiece! I went for sharp cheddar on wheat bread with avocado, red onions and tomatoes. Nathan got white cheddar on french bread with caramelized onions. Oh ya. Image

Our next stop was Disneyland, we went with a mission to take in all the Christmas glory. I pulled out these little babies: the gold emblem gives a little needed glitter, which makes me feel festive and polished (two key components to any holiday uniform).Image

Our first stop was the huge christmas tree that makes the entrance to Main Street feel truly magical with Christmas cheer! ImageImageImage

The sunset was truly magical, I only wish a picture could have captured its beauty!


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