A Christmasy Night



I got my hair done today and I absolutely love it! I wanted an ombre, but with more reddish tones and I think it came out lovely! For some reason this lighter red color reminds me of Rachel Mcadams’ color in The Notebook. 

Anyways, I have gotten really comfortable this Christmas rocking colors that in past years would have been considered out. Is this just me, or are unconventional colors becoming appropriate this winter!? This outfit perfectly exemplifies this! My outfit has tons of elements: rough, with the rip in my knee, delicate and feminine with my fuzzy lavender sweater, holiday appropriate with my black closed-toe shoe, and topped off with a big bow for that Christmas sparkle! Lavender and baby pink has always been reserved for spring and summer, but the fuzzy large sweater makes it feel appropriate for this season – almost like the new winter white. The femininity of my sweater is balanced out by the rugged rip in my jeans and black heels. I just love this look! Have a good night everyone. 

Find the pieces here:

Sweater: Free People

Jeans: Hudson (mine ripped from bending down, yikes)

Heels: ALDO 

Necklace: BCBG (mine is no longer available but similar ones found here!)




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