[Drying off my laundry in Rome!]

The years are going bye at a frightening rate. I remember being little and hearing my parents say, “the years go bye like a blink of an eye.” I used to roll my eyes, but now I understand. I still feel like I am 16 and I wonder If I will ever truly feel like an adult. I hope not. 

2013 has been an interesting year, a year of trials, major life changes, and real dreams that have come true. In 2013, I graduated college with a degree in business marketing, I traveled to Europe, and I found my true passion in my blog. 2013 has been a year of unbelievable personal growth, soul searching, and life lessons. I am thankful for this year and all the growth that came with it.

I know the ‘fresh start’ a new year brings is a cliche notion, but it is an idea I welcome with open arms. Yes, it is true you do not need a new year to change or better yourself, but as humans, it helps our minds accept and welcome change easier. I personally need this imaginary fresh start and am very excited about it! This year I hope to dedicate time to my passions. I vow to not get comfortable with mediocracy and always strive for happiness! I will set goals and take the steps to achieve them! Let’s make 2014 an accomplished year, and become better people than we were the year prior. What are your dreams and plans for 2014?


My very first Pasta in Italy, so surreal. Image

The Pantheon is my favorite monument in Rome. It is so breathtaking, and the surrounding area is so picturesque!Image

I have always dreamt of visiting Cinque Terre, Italy. In 2013 this became a reality, truly a place on earth that has been so beautifully reserved, almost like time has stood still – giving it a magical air the rest of the world lacks! 



Eating gelato in Florence, how magnificent! 


Thanks to Nathan for supporting me more and more each year! 2013 was our 4th year together. 




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