Dreams, callings, gifts.


[I loved this random hot pink awning, it really is the small things people^]

I am sorry for all of my random posts lately. I promise to come back soon full force with tons of delicious recipes and other exciting things. 

There is something that has become so obviously true to me lately, there is no truer calling than following your heart. We are all put on this earth with God given talents and callings, things we were predestined to excel at because it is simply in our DNA. These things are gifts. I think we are doing the world a disservice if we choose to deny our talents.

I am a creative mind, other people have minds geared toward mathematics and things I could never do. Can you imagine this earth if everyone just ignored their gifts and lived totally content with mediocracy. I know a lot of people who live this way and are freakishly content with doing so. This world would be mundane and grey. 

What are your God given talents and are you living them out? 


2 thoughts on “Dreams, callings, gifts.

  1. I think I’m living mine out. Some of my talents are writing and crafting. Also cooking, but not with recipes. I love collecting recipes, but use them as hints for ingredients to start with, and then do my own thing. Love your posts.

    • Your so sweet! I agree about using recipes for hints! It’s fun to pull inspiration from other peoples ideas and tweak the ingredients to fit your personal taste! I’m so glad you take the time to do things you enjoy!

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