DIY Thank You Notes!


It’s time to write your thank you notes and wish your loved ones a happy new year. Thank you notes are a simple gesture that let people know you care and that you took the time to hand write a note and pop it in the mail. As simple as it may seem, receiving mail is a thing of the past these days; it’s so much more convenient to make a phone call, send a text or write an email. Let’s make an effort this year to break the habit of justifying emails as enough and write notes. If you wanna take it to the next level, follow my insanely easy tutorial and MAKE your cards, because your loved ones are worth it.


Start by cutting out your paper by tracing the edges of your card.


Fold the patterned paper in half.


Cut out the half shape of a heart. When you open it up you have a heart, it is magic!


Glue the heart to the card.



Write out thank you however you would like using your glue. I chose to write ‘merci’. Sprinkle your glitter over the glue and shake it off!


Use a knife or flat edge to perfect the shape of the letters.


Have fun experimenting with your paper placement and patterns!


Have fun playing with your writing!


I got creative and cut out cactus shapes because this particular person loves cactus!


There you have it friends! All you needed was some glue and glitter and now you have the cutest thank you notes ever!


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