Valentines Day Nails

cover letter 4.09.47 PM

I am usually not one to indulge in holiday themed manicures, as I find them overwhelmingly tacky and often leave the person’s hand looking over-accessorized, if that makes any sense to you. I am all about a classic color, doused in a shiny top coat complimented by a few dainty rings.  But when love is in the air and the shelves of my local grocery store begin filling up with pink candy hearts and cheesy hallmark cards, my inner little girl can’t help but feel a little excited! That is why I decided to give the dreaded holiday manicure a go and I think my take is cute, playful and exciting! I will rock it with no shame; I love the excitement bubble gum pink nails give me, complimented by a simple white heart. What are your opinions of holiday manicures?

I am using Sephora nail-polish in the shade, ‘What Aura Gonna Wear?’, Forever 21 nail-polish in silver sparkles, and NYC’s ‘French Tip White’.


Start by painting your nails with your base color, I am clearly using bubblegum pink!ImageImage

Now using your white nail-polishes brush do a simple dot, using only a little bit of paint!Image

Now do another dot right next to it!Image

Using nothing but the brush I connected the dots using the edge of the brush doing two lines. Image

Once the white is dry fill it in using a sparkly polish! Totally optional but it gives you a little fun punch!


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