Salsa Verde


Salsa is a staple in my life, especially when I am trying to live a healthier manner. Salsa is good to me even when I am in the mindset of eating whatever the heck I want, so I eat it while I’m being healthy and I don’t feel deprived! The amazing thing about salsa is that it is guiltless and makes everything THAT much better. If I am eating vegetables, you better believe I douse it in salsa. Pretty much everything is an opportunity for me to eat salsa! I have always been a red salsa girl; the tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapeño, and lime combo is my go-to jam. Today I wanted to switch it up and get out of my usual comfort routine, so I bought every green chili I could find in the grocery store. The results were stellar and just absolutely beyond mouth watering, and – guess what – SO healthy! Since I am on a health train extreme, I home made cashew cheese, and let me tell you SUPER good! I used fresh corn tortillas, cashew cheese, and this green salsa, and it was to good to be true! Vegan and gluten free! If you are interested in getting the cashew cheese recipe, let me know in a comment!

You will need:

16 tomatillos

1/2 yellow onion

3 large garlic cloves

4 jalapeños

2 serrano chilis

2 pasilla chilis

1 1/2 limes

salt to taste

2 tablespoons of olive oil



Start by adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet. Add 16 tomatillos and cook until blistered.


Once your tomatillos are blistered add them to a food processor and blend until smooth. If you have a small food processor like I do, you will have to do this only blending a few at a time and transferring to a large bowl.


Once you have removed all the tomatillos from the pan add 2 pasilla chilis and cook till blistered. Once blistered add to a food processor and chop them finely and add to bowl.


Do the same process with your serrano chilis. Remove the majority of the seeds before adding to food processor.

PicMonkey uuCollage

Remove the seeds from 4 jalapeños and chop in food processor. I like to leave a few seeds because this is the major source of spice!


Chop 1 large cup of cilantro to the food processor then add to bowl.


Chop half of an onion then add to bowl.


Add 3 large garlic cloves to bowl.


squeeze in the juice of one and a half limes.


Add lots of salt to taste!


Add half of the salsa to the food processor and mix well! Once pureed add back to the remaining salsa.


Pour salsa back into the skillet you used to blister the chilis. Cook on a medium flame until salsa begins to boil and is less of a bright green. Taste and add salt as needed!


MMM here is the fresh corn tortillas with cashew cheese, SO GOOD!





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