Avocado Toast with Lime


Today was very green. Breakfast was a kale smoothie, lunch was avocado toast, and dinner was salsa verde. It rocked and it was healthy. Avocado toast has been one of my favorite foods since birth. I came into this world eating avocado, it is in my DNA. Avocado toast with a little lime, sea salt and a few chili flakes is really truly magical – it’s up there with grilled cheese for me. Anyways I know it is simple but I love it SO much I had to shout it from the rooftops by sharing with you. Enjoy!

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Salsa Verde


Salsa is a staple in my life, especially when I am trying to live a healthier manner. Salsa is good to me even when I am in the mindset of eating whatever the heck I want, so I eat it while I’m being healthy and I don’t feel deprived! The amazing thing about salsa is that it is guiltless and makes everything THAT much better. If I am eating vegetables, you better believe I douse it in salsa. Pretty much everything is an opportunity for me to eat salsa! I have always been a red salsa girl; the tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapeño, and lime combo is my go-to jam. Today I wanted to switch it up and get out of my usual comfort routine, so I bought every green chili I could find in the grocery store. The results were stellar and just absolutely beyond mouth watering, and – guess what – SO healthy! Since I am on a health train extreme, I home made cashew cheese, and let me tell you SUPER good! I used fresh corn tortillas, cashew cheese, and this green salsa, and it was to good to be true! Vegan and gluten free! If you are interested in getting the cashew cheese recipe, let me know in a comment!

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Raspberry Donut Muffins with Vanilla Glaze


I imagine many of you are not as blessed with the weather right now as I am in southern California, today was a whopping 85˚. I truly feel for you guys in the blistering cold, I cannot imagine.

Raspberries and muffins are traditionally a summery delicacy not exactly what you picture yourself eating in January, in the freezing weather. However with this warm weather we are experiencing in SoCal, a light summery muffin sounded delightful. I decided to kick it up by giving my muffins a donut feel by adding vanilla glaze, and a light raspberry hue. So what do you say, whether your freezing off your heiny in Oklahoma or sweating with me in California make these with me! Why not brighten the mood with some sweet raspberry donut-ty muffins I am sure your loved ones will not be complaining, all 12 of mine were gone within an hour. Happy baking. Continue reading

Kale and Feta Salad with Creamy Avocado, Lemon, Garlic Dressing

ImageI love eating salads but they quickly loose their appeal. I can only handle mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette so many days in a row before I loose my mind. I recently discovered that making your own dressing is so easy and far more satisfying! When you eat a salad, it’s to be healthy, but often dressing is filled with so many mystery ingredients and calories, and you are ultimately doing your body a disservice. Another bummer about salads is that they are often so bland, lacking any kick that leaves you craving more. This dressing has that kick and creaminess that makes you totally feel like you are indulging! Whenever I eat this salad I feel like I am being bad but really I am being oh so good! Not only is the dressing amazing, but this salad is packed with nutrition! The kale adds another kick in itself because of the slight spice kale has. Added with a little crunch from cabbage and sweet peppers – and of course some feta – this is the end-all-be-all of salads! Enjoy.

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Potato Knish

ImagePotato knish is a traditional Jewish treat, and it is essentially a dumpling filled with potatoes. Think mashed potatoes wrapped up in a flaky crust. They are simply to die for; they are the ultimate comfort food. The great thing about these is that I had all the ingredients just lying around, and next time I make these I can’t wait to add more ingredients, like garlic, different cheeses, perhaps chives, bacon (not kosher, I know), or chicken. Enjoy friends – I am positive these will quickly be a family favorite!1512658_10152178620003708_649832880_n

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