Classic Tarte Aux Fraises


Wedding planning is in full force and I am in complete heaven. However, aside from marrying Nathan, the wedding day is almost like a road block to the most exciting part: the honeymoon! A passion among many that Nathan and I share is traveling. Our days usually consist of at least one conversation about where we want to go, what we would do if we went there, and how we could make the trip happen. We are so fortunate to be heading to Europe the day after our wedding for a little over three weeks! We will start out in St. Tropez, France, head over to Paris, then Bruges, Belgium to Heidelberg, Germany, and finally England (we may squeeze Italy somewhere in there, too). Of course, with such an amazing trip less than two┬ámonths away, my excitement is almost paralyzing! Today I decided it would be fun if I started baking and cooking dishes that represent the places we will soon be! What is more French than a classic tart?This tarte-aux-fraises is simply to die for, and a real crowd pleaser! I can’t wait to eat this on the shores of St. Tropez and along the Seine in wedded bliss!


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