Avocado Toast with Lime


Today was very green. Breakfast was a kale smoothie, lunch was avocado toast, and dinner was salsa verde. It rocked and it was healthy. Avocado toast has been one of my favorite foods since birth. I came into this world eating avocado, it is in my DNA. Avocado toast with a little lime, sea salt and a few chili flakes is really truly magical – it’s up there with grilled cheese for me. Anyways I know it is simple but I love it SO much I had to shout it from the rooftops by sharing with you. Enjoy!

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Salsa Verde


Salsa is a staple in my life, especially when I am trying to live a healthier manner. Salsa is good to me even when I am in the mindset of eating whatever the heck I want, so I eat it while I’m being healthy and I don’t feel deprived! The amazing thing about salsa is that it is guiltless and makes everything THAT much better. If I am eating vegetables, you better believe I douse it in salsa. Pretty much everything is an opportunity for me to eat salsa! I have always been a red salsa girl; the tomato, cilantro, onion, jalapeño, and lime combo is my go-to jam. Today I wanted to switch it up and get out of my usual comfort routine, so I bought every green chili I could find in the grocery store. The results were stellar and just absolutely beyond mouth watering, and – guess what – SO healthy! Since I am on a health train extreme, I home made cashew cheese, and let me tell you SUPER good! I used fresh corn tortillas, cashew cheese, and this green salsa, and it was to good to be true! Vegan and gluten free! If you are interested in getting the cashew cheese recipe, let me know in a comment!

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Bittersweet Chocolate Tart


I think a rule of thumb when it comes to being a great hostess is always having something delicious on hand for unexpected visitors. Whether you have some good cheese and crackers, assorted olives, or even something sweet, you will be sure to impress your guests! I recently got the gorgeous Sweet Paris cookbook and came across this chocolate tart. The description reads, “I frequently make this sumptuous chocolate tart as my ‘wow’ factor dinner-party dessert. It’s relatively easy and nearly always elicits the desired amount of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from my guests.” This description had me sold. Let’s face it, we all love a little positive feedback, especially when the recipe is easy! This tart is undoubtedly beautiful, yet somehow tastes even better. The easy process was fun and I think it is something gorgeous to have on hand! I can imagine putting it on my counter on a fun cake platter, serving it to my friends, a little decadence is so fun and goes a long way! This will quickly be a new regular in my rotation of desserts!

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Beef Stew and Mashed Potatoes


This day, this week, this month, perhaps, has been less than ideal. I felt on edge about something and I can’t put my finger on it. However I love this blog because the entire process for me is therapeutic. I love to make pretty food that makes family and friends happy. The photography process is a fun artistic release and the entire editing part is mindless, yet rewarding and fun for me. Today felt particularly funny, so I was ready to dive into something with quite a process, which brought me to beef stew. I love what a man’s man meal this is, I feel like its something Americans have been eating for years. Good old mashed potatoes and a chunky stew filled with beef, what could be more simply delicious!?

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Valentines Day Nails

cover letter 4.09.47 PM

I am usually not one to indulge in holiday themed manicures, as I find them overwhelmingly tacky and often leave the person’s hand looking over-accessorized, if that makes any sense to you. I am all about a classic color, doused in a shiny top coat complimented by a few dainty rings.  But when love is in the air and the shelves of my local grocery store begin filling up with pink candy hearts and cheesy hallmark cards, my inner little girl can’t help but feel a little excited! That is why I decided to give the dreaded holiday manicure a go and I think my take is cute, playful and exciting! I will rock it with no shame; I love the excitement bubble gum pink nails give me, complimented by a simple white heart. What are your opinions of holiday manicures?

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White Pizza

cover letter

When it comes to pizza, to be grossly honest, Domino’s does it for me. Before you tell me I haven’t experienced great pizza, think again, I lived in Italy for a month; I probably experienced the greatest pizza there is. Still, when I imagine a delicious pizza my mind turns to good old, low-budge Domino’s or Rusty’s. Another thing about pizza – when it comes to homemade, let’s be honest, it is hardly ever that good! I said it. I mean the idea in theory is good : “aw it will be so cute and fun to homemake pizzas tonight…” The result is usally less than stellar. Truth hurts. But THIS pizza – THIS pizza is good. I am absolutely smitten by it and will most def make it over and over again. The crust and flavoring reminded me of those delicious Italian pizzas I experienced in the past, sigh, be ready for some amazing pizza!
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