Tomato Basil Tart!


After eating a copious amount of beige foods on Thanksgiving, you’re probably needing something with color.  By color, I mean something healthy, like vegetables. If you’re anything like me though, you probably want warm and hearty foods because it’s Christmas time. So, I bring you the tomato tart! It is delicious and warm and contains fresh healthy ingredients! Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Day

ImageToday was a lovely day. I love a day dedicated to food, fellowship, family and friends. I got to bake pies for my loved ones, make a bounty of dinner rolls, and share plenty of laughs –  all of which reminded me of everything I have to be thankful for! I hope you all had a wonderful day. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditionsImageImage[The one whom I am most thankful for, Nathan!] ImageImage[My brother Jade, the musician.]ImageImage[A victorious trampoline battle!]ImageImage[Violence for the boys.]Image[Peaceful puzzling for the girls.]ImageImageImageImageImage[Eating is exhausting for Molly.]Image

Best stuffing EVER!



Stuffing is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. I love combining it with my mashed potatoes and my all time favorite, peas. However, the way most people make stuffing is just wrong; people are so stuck in the classic Thanksgiving recipes! I mean, come on people, you must put your sweet potato and marshmallow recipe to rest and your crunchy onion green beans in the cupboard. It is time to bring out recipes that are refreshingly delicious, made with quality ingredients! This yummy stuffing is just that! It is made with several of my favorite ingredients, including white wine, garlic, and parsley! Happy cooking and Thanksgiving friends!

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DIY Thanksgiving & Christmas Centerpiece


If you are anything like me you probably plan on decorating for Christmas the minute your Thanksgiving guests leave. If this is the case – you probably do not want to spend money of flowers in colors that are only really good for Thanksgiving themed decorations. To solve this dilemma I bring you the perfect seasonally neutral arrangement. This centerpiece is perfect for Thanksgiving but will also blend perfectly with your Christmas decorations once Thanksgiving is over! Watch the video for the simple steps to achieve this beautiful centerpiece!

Behind me you can see some of my beautiful milk collection all of which will be available to rent soon!

You will need:

-Flowers, I used hydrangeas, burgundy lilies, passion fruits, greenery, and burgundy daisy type flowers.


-Large vase

As you can see I mess around with the placement of my flowers and greenery a lot! Do not feel like you have to get it right the first time. Mess around with the flowers until the arrangement is how you want it! I opted for an asymmetrical look this time, Imperfection was my goal!

Garlic, White Wine, Cheesy Pull Apart Bread

ImageAfter making the no-knead bread rolls, I had massive amounts of dough left. I decided to do something more my speed….By my speed, I mean gross amounts of garlic, white wine, herbs and LOTS of parmesan cheese. By my speed, I mean a giant blob of soft heaven you will have to get a little dirty to eat. By my speed, I also mean even more bread. I honestly cannot waste my time or breath trying to convince you how good this is. It’s just good, I mean the pic says it all.Image

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No Knead Dinner Rolls


Rolls are my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, aside from the mashed potatoes, of course. Rolls are kind of like chips and salsa for me; no matter how full I am I feel like I can have another roll. Gross, I know. The name says it all….Roll, like roll on the mid section. 

 I have an excuse though: I don’t eat meat…. yes it is true do not hate me, meat is actually my favorite thing to make! I just don’t eat it.  Anyways because of this I indulge to the fullest on the side dishes, which includes rollsssss.  Therefore, I have authority on good rolls (I am starting to hate the word rolls the more I type it).

You need good dinner rolls for your Thanksgiving, kick it up a notch this year and make them yourself! These rolls are absolutely delicious and require no kneading! Have at it, impress your guests this year with super tasty homemade dinner rolls! 

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