Engagement Story!

I have been gone for so long. I have honestly thought and thought about what my first post should be about after such a lengthy hiatus, and it feels oddly overwhelming, for so much has happened in life, so I will start there! I am engaged! I have been so giddy and excited planning my wedding that I have neglected this part of my life – the part that makes my happier than anything – this blog! Today, I will neglect this blog no more, because I want to share the journey to my wedding with everyone. I will start with the story! Image

Nathan and I have been dating since our senior year of high school. As our friendship grew so did our feelings. We dated our senior year of high school all the way through college. Nathan’s college was only 30 minutes away from mine, and despite the drive and seemingly different lives with different majors one thing never changed: our love. Instead of growing apart, we only grew closer! After graduating I moved home to Santa Barbara and Nathan moved to LA, and even still, distance was no match for our love. Nathan finally moved back to Santa Barbara and we were together in the same city again! On February 16 of this year, our five year anniversary rolled around. Nathan told me we were going to visit Palm Springs (which happens to be my favorite place on planet earth) so it didn’t seem like anything too out of the ordinary. I love to poke around the amazing shops, soak up the sun, eat at the amazing restaurants, swim, and feel the colorful and exciting energy of the city. We were going to walk around the grounds of La Quinta Resort which is, in my opinion, the most beautiful place California offers, before getting dinner and driving home. Nathan started acting odd and moving the hotel’s outdoor furniture around. He told me he was going to give me my card and gift, but he did not have one in his hand, so I started to wonder what his deal was. He told me he memorized his card and wanted to tell me it to my face. He started to recite the most beautiful poem that he wrote and was shaking, and I finally began to understand what was happening. Instead of crying like any normal girl would do, I started laughing and kept telling him to “stop!” The poem concluded with “Will you marry me?” Instead of screaming an enthusiastic “yes,” I grabbed the ring from his fingers, making him pry it out of my hands as I realized I had not yet answered. This was the most special day of my entire life, and I cannot wait to share my planning process with everyone! Click to see some engagement photo’s! All photos are by the AMAZING Anna Joy Photo. If you are in the Santa Barbara area you must check her out!  Continue reading


DIY Thank You Notes!


It’s time to write your thank you notes and wish your loved ones a happy new year. Thank you notes are a simple gesture that let people know you care and that you took the time to hand write a note and pop it in the mail. As simple as it may seem, receiving mail is a thing of the past these days; it’s so much more convenient to make a phone call, send a text or write an email. Let’s make an effort this year to break the habit of justifying emails as enough and write notes. If you wanna take it to the next level, follow my insanely easy tutorial and MAKE your cards, because your loved ones are worth it.

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Linzer Christmas Cookies


Cookies are undoubtedly a major part of the Christmas season. I love that most families have their own cookie traditions they make each year, all unique and especially tasty to them. For my family, it has always been noel balls, also known as Mexican wedding cookies, or my Mom’s famous shortbread pink-pig cookies. I love both of these cookies and the taste and the sight of them instantly bring back the warm feelings of Christmas. I have always thought linzer cookies are especially beautiful. The jam filled center and powder sugar are so gorgeous, and rather impressive in both their flavor and looks! I made these and they were a hit! I plan on shifting these into the mix of our family’s tradition of Christmas cookies! What cookies or treats have become a tradition in your household around the holidays?

ImageaddP.S I am selling these beauties! If you live in my area I will deliver them to your home, or I can ship them! Email me for more information!

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A Christmasy Night



I got my hair done today and I absolutely love it! I wanted an ombre, but with more reddish tones and I think it came out lovely! For some reason this lighter red color reminds me of Rachel Mcadams’ color in The Notebook. 

Anyways, I have gotten really comfortable this Christmas rocking colors that in past years would have been considered out. Is this just me, or are unconventional colors becoming appropriate this winter!? This outfit perfectly exemplifies this! My outfit has tons of elements: rough, with the rip in my knee, delicate and feminine with my fuzzy lavender sweater, holiday appropriate with my black closed-toe shoe, and topped off with a big bow for that Christmas sparkle! Lavender and baby pink has always been reserved for spring and summer, but the fuzzy large sweater makes it feel appropriate for this season – almost like the new winter white. The femininity of my sweater is balanced out by the rugged rip in my jeans and black heels. I just love this look! Have a good night everyone. 

Find the pieces here:

Sweater: Free People

Jeans: Hudson (mine ripped from bending down, yikes)

Heels: ALDO 

Necklace: BCBG (mine is no longer available but similar ones found here!)



Christmas Mantle!


Want to hear a truly funny story? Ok let me tell you.

We have a giant jar of sugar in our pantry, it’s pretty huge…..

My 8 year old sister, Savannah, is a gift from God. She maintains an unknowing innocence and joy that much of the world will never know. Her middle name is Joy and that could not be more perfect for her; she truly embodies that word and definition in her being. Like I said she is innocent, and this blissful spirit she has makes for some pretty funny happenings in the house.

Ok back to the sugar. You know when the house gets eerily quiet and you get freaked out because the silence is just not normal? Mom’s with small kids you totally get this. Well on one afternoon the house was a little too silent for comfort. My mom popped up to find our ENTIRE – and when I say ENTIRE I am not exaggerating in the slightest – house covered in sugar, ever single tabletop, corner, bed spread, toilet seat, everything covered in sugar. My Mother, literally like in the movies, threw her hands up in the air asked “WHY ON EARTH?!” Savannah smirked and tossed her hands toward the ground and said, “Whattt it’s pretty it makes our house sparkle!”

At the time this was infuriating, in hindsight it makes me smile so much. Savannah’s blissful, joyful spirit brings joy to my life; she is love. 

Ok what does this have to do with our mantle? Well in order to make this mantle Savannah literally got to cover our entire living room floor in actual glitter – total heaven for a girl with a love for sparkle! This mantle is whimsical, sparkly, and pretty much cost me nothing to put together! What’s not to love!? Click to see more and steps on making a truly gorgeous statement piece of a mantle. 


I was not lying about the glitter everywhere…..Glittery party wooo! Girl Heaven! 

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Living Your Passions


Having a job that makes money but having a passion that lies somewhere else can be really hard. Working ridiculous hours often leaves little time for pretty much EVERYTHING. I do not see people anymore, sleep is a thing of the past, eating dinner NEVER happens, but most of all, I NEVER have time! Time, what a beautiful thing, something I cringe about reflecting on my past and how much stinking time I used to waste! Now 3 hours of freedom seems miraculous! You might see all my posts and think I mosey around the kitchen, slowly sipping, stirring and smelling oh so delicately. WRONG. My recipes, pictures, and everything are done in an insane time crunch! I have realized though if I do not take time to do what I love, my days seem empty and lacking in stimulation and purpose!  

Since I have began working so hard I have realized something: life is way to short not to chase your passions. Work does not have to be a time consuming black hole; create work where your passions lie and you will have a life of fulfillment! Since working a passionless job my true passions have become so clear to me. I love to bake for people, I love to collect vintage dishes, I LOVE floral arranging, taking pictures, editing pictures and website design ( all of which I get to do on my blog)! With every free hour I have, I am utilizing it to the fullest, making sure I am doing at least one of these. Today I got the honor of setting up a women’s luncheon! Doing a ‘job’ that I loved did not feel like a JOB, it felt like a dream! I cannot wait to do more events and have more opportunities to create beautiful memories and parties for people! Here are a few snaps from a simple women’s luncheon. All the dishes are mine and will soon be available to rent! I am putting my dish love to use and am in the process of launching a vintage dish rental business! Soon you can rent all my beautiful dishes for your special day! ImageImageImage



Holiday Gift Guide


I love giving gifts. I firmly believe that it is so much more satisfying to give than to receive! However, finding even the simplest gift to give is hard! If the desire is there but you are stuck not knowing what to give, here is a simple guide covering everyone from little ones to women and men!


1. I absolutely love these geometric blocks! To boot, I know the sweetest Mama who is making them! They are perfect for your little one! These beauties come in a set of 10, they are hand made out of pine wood, and are hand painted with nontoxic acrylic paint! More will be available! $12 Found Here

2. Absolutely every single little girl needs a tea set! Surprise your little lady with this beauty from Anthropologie. Tres chic! $48 Found Here

3. There is nothing better than a gift that doubles as an educational tool! This map book is so aesthetically pleasing that your little one will not be able to quit turning the pages! $35 Found Here

4. Every child needs a classic stuffed animal. Whether it is a teddy bear or this precious bunny, it is a must in every child’s life! This plush bunny is an adorable classic that is sure to make any small child smile! $54 Found Here

5. Just like tutus, glittery shoes are a MUST in every little girls wardrobe – this is just non-negotiable! Give your daughter the gift of these adorable, pink, glittery loafers. What else could a girl ask for?! $60 Found Here

6. Give your Mamas with small babies this amazing journal! It is an adorable and simple journal that gives you the format to record all your baby’s milestones, such as first baths and first smiles! Memories are priceless, this is a gift that will give for a lifetime! $24.95 Found HereImage

1. Women LOVE their pictures, and I must say this Fujifilm camera is AWESOME. It provides you with instant vintage photos, for a low cost! This gift is perfect for any girl, young or old! $57.39 Found Here

2. Tea represents warmth and comfort! Gift your friend or family member with this tea! The packaging is so aesthetically beautiful, and it is a perfect representation of the delicious tea that will fill your loved one’s cup! $16 Found Here

3. I love love love Laura Mercier. These candles are so sleek and gorgeous, perfect for any women! $65 Found Here

4. These adorable cheese knives are for all your friends with the gift of hosting! This fun pop of color is sure to excite any true hostess! $32 Found Here

5. Women love cookbooks; they are a treasure! Anthropologie has tons of amazing cookbooks, all just as unique in their visuals as their amazing recipes! $25-$50 Found Here

6. Ahava products are absolutely amazing. They are made from properties of the Dead Sea in Israel. Give this to the woman who loves her beauty products, these will truly change her life! $25-$165 Found Here

7. All women deserve a cashmere sweater; it is simply a wardrobe staple. This Halogen cashmere comes in a beautiful array of colors and the price is right! $79 Found HereImage

1. Men LOVE their meat, and with meat comes a need for quality knives. These Laguiole steak knives are pretty, but their quality and classic look will excite any man! $78 Found Here

2. Men love gadgets more than anything. This Steripen is so incredibly awesome, ESPECIALLY if your man loves the good outdoors. The Steripen sterilizes absolutely any water killing, 99.9% of bacteria and viruses! Perfect for camping trips with the boys! $79.97 Found Here

3. Table topics: sports info mania cards are fun for any guy! Throw them in your coffee table drawer or even their work place desk! They are a great way to talk sports and break the ice! $25 Found Here

4. Polara golf balls are any golf player’s fantasy! They are said to correct hooks and slices by 75%. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m positive your golfer Hubby does, and I’m sure its awesome! $12.99 Found Here

5. The perfect t-shirt for your boo thang to relax in! I love the laid back look of this pocket tee, sure to look smokin on any guy! $42 Found Here 

6. Like I said before, guys love their gadgets! Take their T.V. experience to the next level of awesome with Apple T.V.! $99 Found Here

7. After shave leaves men feeling confident, cool, fresh and ready for the day! This vintage aftershave looks neat on the shelve and gets the job done! $30 Found Here