[Drying off my laundry in Rome!]

The years are going bye at a frightening rate. I remember being little and hearing my parents say, “the years go bye like a blink of an eye.” I used to roll my eyes, but now I understand. I still feel like I am 16 and I wonder If I will ever truly feel like an adult. I hope not. 

2013 has been an interesting year, a year of trials, major life changes, and real dreams that have come true. In 2013, I graduated college with a degree in business marketing, I traveled to Europe, and I found my true passion in my blog. 2013 has been a year of unbelievable personal growth, soul searching, and life lessons. I am thankful for this year and all the growth that came with it.

I know the ‘fresh start’ a new year brings is a cliche notion, but it is an idea I welcome with open arms. Yes, it is true you do not need a new year to change or better yourself, but as humans, it helps our minds accept and welcome change easier. I personally need this imaginary fresh start and am very excited about it! This year I hope to dedicate time to my passions. I vow to not get comfortable with mediocracy and always strive for happiness! I will set goals and take the steps to achieve them! Let’s make 2014 an accomplished year, and become better people than we were the year prior. What are your dreams and plans for 2014?


My very first Pasta in Italy, so surreal. Image

The Pantheon is my favorite monument in Rome. It is so breathtaking, and the surrounding area is so picturesque!Image

I have always dreamt of visiting Cinque Terre, Italy. In 2013 this became a reality, truly a place on earth that has been so beautifully reserved, almost like time has stood still – giving it a magical air the rest of the world lacks! 



Eating gelato in Florence, how magnificent! 


Thanks to Nathan for supporting me more and more each year! 2013 was our 4th year together. 




Ranch Day


One of my very best friends, April, came home for Christmas this year! She moved to Maui a year ago, so having her home is always a treat, especially around Christmas time!

The day after Christmas is always a let down. We (I) live all year waiting for Christmas, building up all the activities, rituals and fun that the holiday posses. Yet, every single year the day comes and goes so quickly, and the day after is kind of a downer, leaving me wondering where all the excitement went! This year was a major upgrade from last year’s let down. April and her lovely family, whom I adore, invited me to the most amazing ranch day up north of Santa Barbara. We went to the most beautiful property, complete with horses, crazy baby goats, endless milkshakes, french fries, and laughter – what more could I ask for! This ranch was seriously breathtaking, cool, and fun! Here are some snaps from my amazing day with April and her family. I am very thankful for them!


Tables – complete with quintessential gingham table clothes – covered the property. ImageImageImageImage

Tinkers, a delicious local burger joint, catered the place! We had endless diner food all day long. What a treat! ImageImage

The ranch had the most picturesque tree house – it was every boys dream! ImageImageImage

Linzer Christmas Cookies


Cookies are undoubtedly a major part of the Christmas season. I love that most families have their own cookie traditions they make each year, all unique and especially tasty to them. For my family, it has always been noel balls, also known as Mexican wedding cookies, or my Mom’s famous shortbread pink-pig cookies. I love both of these cookies and the taste and the sight of them instantly bring back the warm feelings of Christmas. I have always thought linzer cookies are especially beautiful. The jam filled center and powder sugar are so gorgeous, and rather impressive in both their flavor and looks! I made these and they were a hit! I plan on shifting these into the mix of our family’s tradition of Christmas cookies! What cookies or treats have become a tradition in your household around the holidays?

ImageaddP.S I am selling these beauties! If you live in my area I will deliver them to your home, or I can ship them! Email me for more information!

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A Christmasy Night



I got my hair done today and I absolutely love it! I wanted an ombre, but with more reddish tones and I think it came out lovely! For some reason this lighter red color reminds me of Rachel Mcadams’ color in The Notebook. 

Anyways, I have gotten really comfortable this Christmas rocking colors that in past years would have been considered out. Is this just me, or are unconventional colors becoming appropriate this winter!? This outfit perfectly exemplifies this! My outfit has tons of elements: rough, with the rip in my knee, delicate and feminine with my fuzzy lavender sweater, holiday appropriate with my black closed-toe shoe, and topped off with a big bow for that Christmas sparkle! Lavender and baby pink has always been reserved for spring and summer, but the fuzzy large sweater makes it feel appropriate for this season – almost like the new winter white. The femininity of my sweater is balanced out by the rugged rip in my jeans and black heels. I just love this look! Have a good night everyone. 

Find the pieces here:

Sweater: Free People

Jeans: Hudson (mine ripped from bending down, yikes)

Heels: ALDO 

Necklace: BCBG (mine is no longer available but similar ones found here!)



Disney Day


This week/ month/ last few months have been draining to put it lightly. This level of drainage has forced me to neglect my favorite thing in this universe, my blog! I am swearing to myself that I will get back on track, to baking and photographing and sharing all my favorite recipes and tricks! I wanted to show everyone what I have been up to, here are a few snaps I took with my iPhone yesterday!

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The Heirloom Table


Today is the most exciting day of my life because dreams are coming true!

When people ask me what my hobbies are, I always say, I love everything pretty. What does that even mean!? Well, I have a deep, undying passion for making things beautiful. These things consist of: beautiful homes, parties, ambiances, dinners, outfits, vacations, and memories! My brain is so detailed oriented. For example, when I confirmed I was going to travel abroad this summer, the very first thing I thought about was how I wanted to feel abroad. I envisioned the perfect cafe, how I wanted it to look, what kind of area I wanted to be in, and then spent several hours on the internet looking for that exact place to ensure I would manifest those thoughts into reality! When I hear I have an event to go to, I immediately wonder how I will do my hair and what shoes I will need. When I think of my dream home, I imagine the dishes that will go into my cabinets and the color of each rooms walls. You get the point – I have a passion for creating beautiful environments that make people feel loved, safe and happy! Naturally being hostess is my favorite past time, however I cannot do this as often as I would like, which is pretty much everyday in a dream world. I realize not everyone shares a passion for details, so I have finally found a way to live my dream by bringing the beauty and my detailed way of thinking to you! I created The Heirloom Table. The Heirloom Table is a dish rental and flower arrangement company. No matter the type of event -from weddings to baby showers – we provide the most beautiful, unique dishes and flowers for your special day. I am so incredibly excited to share my passion and collections with all of you! Check out  our website and book a consultation today! http://www.theheirloomtable.comImageImage



Christmas Mantle!


Want to hear a truly funny story? Ok let me tell you.

We have a giant jar of sugar in our pantry, it’s pretty huge…..

My 8 year old sister, Savannah, is a gift from God. She maintains an unknowing innocence and joy that much of the world will never know. Her middle name is Joy and that could not be more perfect for her; she truly embodies that word and definition in her being. Like I said she is innocent, and this blissful spirit she has makes for some pretty funny happenings in the house.

Ok back to the sugar. You know when the house gets eerily quiet and you get freaked out because the silence is just not normal? Mom’s with small kids you totally get this. Well on one afternoon the house was a little too silent for comfort. My mom popped up to find our ENTIRE – and when I say ENTIRE I am not exaggerating in the slightest – house covered in sugar, ever single tabletop, corner, bed spread, toilet seat, everything covered in sugar. My Mother, literally like in the movies, threw her hands up in the air asked “WHY ON EARTH?!” Savannah smirked and tossed her hands toward the ground and said, “Whattt it’s pretty it makes our house sparkle!”

At the time this was infuriating, in hindsight it makes me smile so much. Savannah’s blissful, joyful spirit brings joy to my life; she is love. 

Ok what does this have to do with our mantle? Well in order to make this mantle Savannah literally got to cover our entire living room floor in actual glitter – total heaven for a girl with a love for sparkle! This mantle is whimsical, sparkly, and pretty much cost me nothing to put together! What’s not to love!? Click to see more and steps on making a truly gorgeous statement piece of a mantle. 


I was not lying about the glitter everywhere…..Glittery party wooo! Girl Heaven! 

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