Cat Eyes!


I wear “cat eye” eyeliner every single day. It is a classic look that really extends the eyes, making them appear larger, brighter, and sexier. It really is such an easy look to achieve with a little practice! Follow my easy steps.


Start by simply tracing your eyelash line. It does not need to be perfect this is just the base.


Use the end of your eyebrow as a reference, extending the lash line you drew, tracing it up toward the bottom of your brow.


Now that you have this line as a reference to the shape, trace it back adding a little thickness to the the inner eye


Close your eyes to make sure the line is fluid and smooth all the way.


WAAA LA!! Beautiful.


7 Makeup Bag Musts


Over the years of trying different products I have accumulated seven items I can absolutely not live without in my makeup bag! Each product has proven to be the best and I simply could not do without them! What are your makeup bag musts?

1. The cat eye is my go to look; I wear it almost everyday! I have used my fair share of liquid liners ranging in brands since high school. I never found one brand that I felt worked well enough to purchase again. It took me eight years to discover Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. After my first use I was hooked it works perfectly and gives me a pristine clean line every time! It is a MUST HAVE. find it here

2. Much like the eyeliner I have tested and fell in and out of like with different mascara brands over the years. I got this Tarte mascara as a tester, and believe me when I say its the best mascara I have ever used. I am now a committed customer. Do not miss out on the best mascara. find it here

3. I got this little eyeshadow pallet as a stocking stuffer one year from my Mother. I know eyeshadow sets can feel juvenile but this kit has been perfect for me and I use it everyday on my eyes. It is great quality shadow and the colors are perfectly neutral for daytime, but can easily be vamped up in the evening for the perfect smoky eye. It is simple, compact, good-quality, and something you do not wanna miss! find it here

4. Unfortunately I have combination skin. In the winter months I really need extra moisture in my face that will not leave it looking oily.  I have used different drug store brand moisturizers and never felt like they truly penetrated my skin or dealt with the dryness, only leaving a waxy residue on my skin. This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling fresh, supple, and most importantly normal! I am in love with this stuff and do not feel the need to look further! find it here

5. Skin is the most important part of your beauty routine because it is the base of everything, your pallet so to speak! You never wanna look like your face is caked, or to matte, you want your face makeup leaving you look fresh. I am in love with Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. You may ask why I use Clinque’s moisturizer in addition to this, which is titled tinted moisturizer. Although this is my favorite face coverage it is not a sufficient a moisturizer. Aside from that, this stuff leaves me glowing with the right amount of coverage! find it here

6. Eye brows are EVERYTHING. They need to be the first priority on your face, and I mean that. Eyebrows are that important because they frame your face! If your eyebrows are a funky shape, too big, or too small it dramatically altars your face! If you have sparse brows from over plucking in the past (guilty), or just feel they are too light, this product is for you! It looks completely natural and the small pencil is very precise. Do not miss out ladies, give your brows the attention they need! find it here

7. I love lipstick but some days I am not up to the maintenance that a day of wearing lipstick requires. I love this tint because it not only leaves your lips looking perfectly tinted and flush but it can be used on your cheeks! It is low maintenance and gives you the added drama you sometimes need in the fall! find it here