Flower arranging for beginners: Spruce up your market bunch of flowers!


I must admit something. I loathe market bouquets. These are the pre-made bunches of flowers found at grocery stores. I always preach that everyone needs to keep flowers in their homes, but I would almost rather go flowerless than to have these in and around my house. They are usually a combination of flowers and colors that are painfully generic and the way they are all bunched together is so boring. These flowers do not make me happy nor give me the amount of joy and inspiration a fat bunch of peonies or roses do! 

 However, these bouquets do exist, are often gifted, because let’s just admit, they’re convenient because they are made at the store!

 I decided it was the shape of the bouquet itself that gave these poor flowers no hope, I was right! If you are in a pinch and need flowers, receive them as a thoughtful gift or just like them, there is still hope for these sad sad flowers. I will admit, they are born again and receive a new sense of life when tweaked ever so slightly. Follow these simple steps and you will have something beautiful in no time! 


Also this!


Start by holding your flowers up next to your vase. This will help you decide how much you want to cut off of the stems.Image

Cut the flowers diagonally, this will help them get more water and therefore last longer.


A good trick for an even arrangement is creating a tape grid. You should use clear tape, I used blue for the picture so you can really see the simple grid.


Start by evenly distributing the greenery around the edges.


Next place the flower you want to be the focal point in the middle of the arrangement.


Now add in the filler flowers, make sure they are evenly distributed!

Now for the next idea! Grab a bunch of tiny vases or containers.




Cut cute combinations and add them to the small vases. I love these because you can throw them all over your home adding extra fun pops of color!

3 thoughts on “Flower arranging for beginners: Spruce up your market bunch of flowers!

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