My week through my iPhone.

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Nathan and I have been super busy this past week moving into our first place together! I won’t be living there until after the wedding but I am loosing my mind kicking into full interior designer mode! I can’t wait to share pictures of our glorious little cottage, and all the fun projects we have been doing making it beautiful! Here are some parts of my week as seen through my phone.

1.Tonight Nathan and I decided to walk through our new neighborhood after dinner. One of our favorite activities as a couple is taking drives and checking out cool houses. We were so amazed by how much more beautiful the homes looked from the sidewalk versus our moving car. You miss so much detail in the car!

2.I’m obsessed with baking in my new kitchen- ESPECIALLY with my new kitchen aid. While Nathan was at work I made him some delicious muffins. I blogged the whole thing so be on the lookout for that!

3.Nathan and I got dressed up in some 1960’s garb and took some photos with our good friend Anna Joy who also happens to be our awesome wedding photographer! I love this era so dressing up was fun for us.

4.My good old Pop had his birthday this week. Apparently we are to cheap to buy new candles so we did the math on his flan. He didn’t mind!

5.After a long few days of moving Nathan and I enjoyed our favorite cheese from Trader Joe’s, ‘unexpected cheddar’ accompanied by fresh strawberries and olives on our new couch. I live for simple moments like this.

6.I LOVE repeat LOVE old cookbooks! I scored a few at a thrift store this week and could not be more thrilled. The Better Homes and Garden’s book is KILLER with tons of recipes I’m dying to try.

There you have it. Happy Monday.

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